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+27 87 802 3693  / +27 87 898 8406 /  info@livingsolar.co.za (we operate nationwide)

Living Solar

Living Solar are the industry leading solar energy consultancy in Southern Africa. The only multiple manufacturer accredited experts in our field.

Supported, accredited and backed by the world’s foremost solar energy equipment and solar energy battery manufacturers. We are the verifiable and bankable experts you can rely on.

Simple and easy to grasp offerings, expert system design and advice are the cornerstones of Living Solar. Solutions developed and backed by people who are energy independent. Our clients benefit from decades of real world hands on experience.

Living Solar – South Africa’s leading solar energy specialists.

Energy independence the right way with the accredited and trusted professionals.

We operate nationwide.

Solar Batteries
Cinco Solar Panel 50 watt

About our product offering

Living Solar are always on the lookout for new and/or innovative products that represent good value.

While we are aware of the vast offering of batteries, inverters, charge controllers etc, in South Africa. Our current product offering is condensed into the best value, most reliable and locally supported and warrantied products available from bankable (tier one) manufactures with proven track records.

For more information on our products, or other products you my be considering, please feel free to contact us.