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June 2018

The big picture for Living Solar is the reputation and perceived viability of off grid and hybrid energy in Southern Africa. Our view is that an industry that adopts best practices and acts with integrity will thrive; and everyone in the solar industry will benefit. So my comments here should be read with this in mind. With the current landscape of over night players in the solar industry, things have gotten very complicated for the customer to get reliable advice from actual experts. We have a industry plagued with pseudo self proclaimed experts. So proceed with caution and ask lots of questions. There are a worryingly large number of companies

This is a subject I could ramble on about for many many pages, so I will try to rein it in. Battery systems are the foundation and MOST IMPORTANT and most expensive part of a competent and reliable battery based energy system. It is also the most misunderstood part and this is evident in the very bad practices that have taken hold of the South African off grid and hybrid solar industry. Firstly, let me start by saying that my comments here are from first hand experience over many years with dozens of different batteries. My comments also happen to be common knowledge in other large off grid /hybrid energy

This post addresses only standard PV Panels. I will not discuss the newer tech panels coming onto the market now such as Bifacial, and high density etc. Just standard 60 and 72 cell PV panels. So are they all the same? NO, They are not, and it's not for the reason you may think. We consider PV panels manufactured by tier-1 brands far more preferable, and here is why! Firstly, let me quickly explain what tier-1 means. It is not a rating of the quality or efficiency of the PV panel itself, but rather a financial rating of the manufacturer. So, tier-1 means the solar panels are manufactured by a

Well, the short answer is no, its not. The Voltronic Axpert inverter (out of China) has proven to be an "acceptable" performer, but mostly in limited cases where the battery has its own management system, the inverter is not put under heavy electrical loads, or is used intermittently in a small system at a weekend getaway home. However it tends to need a bit of a more hands on person (i.e. the tinkerer) to get the most out of it as they can be troublesome. It is undoubtably (on paper) good value for an inverter, pv charge controller, and AC battery charger all in one, and we certainly understand the