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Freedomwon’s residential and SME  batteries. Lithium storage from 5kWh to 80kWh. A one unit ESS solution. Advanced System Interfacing.

Pylontech Lithium Battery

Pylon tech is a TUV certified scalable Lithium based storage solution. There are 2.4Kwh and 3.5Kwh modules available. A robust solution that can be added to as you energy needs grow.  Contact us to see if this is the right solution for you.

AGM (Sealed and maintenance free)

Trojan Solar AGM maintenance-free batteries are engineered for best value and worry-free storage for off grid or backup energy storage and can be counted on day in and day out as a reliable and worry free power source for a wide range of off-grid and unreliable grid applications. 1700 cycles @ 50% DOD and 3 year warranty.

Trojan Battery

Trojan Battery’s Premium line deep cycle batteries are optimized for Renewable/Solar energy applications. Manufactured to highest  IEC standards with a 10 year design life. Trojan Premium batteries are best choice for mid sized domestic solar energy systems, have a 10 year design life, and are backed by a 3 year warranty. 1900 cycles @50% DOD

Trojan Battery

Trojan Battery’s top of the line solar deep cycle batteries engineered specifically for large Renewable/Solar energy systems with high daily loads. Trojan Industrial batteries are designed for 3600 cycles @ 50% DOD. This is the most robust and best engineered flooded deep cycle battery available. Widely considered the most reliable and long lasting flooded battery on the market.

Trojan Battery

Trojan Battery’s Signature line are a cost effective solar specific deep cycle battery. Designed for longer life and increased performance over similarly priced batteries, they are best used in smaller domestic solar energy systems, unstable grid, applications or holidays homes. They offer great value and reliable performance day in and day out. 1200 cycles @ 50% DOD