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Green Tourism Incentive funding program – Living Solar.

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Green Tourism Incentive funding program – Living Solar.


Living Solar Pty Ltd is very excited to announce this initiative undertaken by the Department of Tourism. We are very encouraged by this program, and this is a golden opportunity for members of the tourism industry to benefit in a very real way from government funding up to 1 million Rand per project.

Living Solar are a qualifying service provider, and are here to help you maximize what the Green tourism program can do for your business by significantly reducing or eradicating your overheads with regards to your electricity usage and at the same time making your energy supply is 100% reliable and worry free. That means no more power cuts!!

Being Green and Eco is GREAT for a tourism business and attracts guests.

So WHO are We?

Living Solar are an industry leader in electric solar energy systems, and the only multiple manufacture accredited company of our kind in Southern Africa. We are passionate about renewable energy, and are ready to help our customers make the most of the green tourism incentive program. To learn more about us please visit


We work nationally, so wherever you are based we can service your project.

Look forward to working with you.

The Living Solar team.


Call us – 087 802 3693

N.B – Deadline for application is the 7th of November 2018.


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